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Human Resources is a quickly developing business function, which builds the competitive advantage for many businesses. The human capital is the most valuable asset of the organization and it has to be developed. Human Resources is the tool for building the competitive advantage and for increasing the performance and productivity of the organization. Simple HR Guide brings the basic principles of Human Resources, HR Policies and HR Processes.

Simple HR Challenges

The main HR Challenge in the modern organization is about building the complete and logical HR Life Cycle for all employees and managers. It is a huge change from the past, when Human Resources was asked to bring isolated solutions to different HR issues of the organization. The issues were not seen as the HR issues at all, they were seen as the management practice issues.

HR Management GuideThe Simple HR Guide brings the unique and complete view on building the logical HR Life Cycle system in the organization, which is valuable for employees and managers. The HR Life Cycle can be seen as the basis for the communication with employees as they do not see them as one item in the organization, but they can see them as the real members of the organization.

Simple HR Guide Benefits

HR Management is a part of the strategic management of the organization. The HR Manager have to align the HR Strategy with the overall business strategy and they have to bring the proposals to increase the competitive advantage quickly. The Simple HR Guide serves as the quick reference and the quick guide in the world of Human Resources as the HR Manager can make a quick check about all steps involved in the process of the design of the new HR tool.

The Simple HR Guide is a not a link farm to other HR sites with the useful HR information.  HR Guide has to be about the HR articles on different HR topics and they should be collected at one place as you can research and consult the information at one place. The Simple HR Guide has the ambition to grow in a complete HR Guide at one place serving with the basic HR information to the audience.

Simple HR Guide Content

The Simple HR Guide content includes the following HR topics:

  • HR Strategy Development
  • HR Models used in Modern Organizations
  • HR Roles and Responsibilities
  • HR Job Profiles
  • HR Processes like Recruitment and Staffing, Compensation and Benefits, Leadership Development
  • HR Articles on several HR Issues the HR Managers are facing on a daily basis
  • HR Challenges hitting HR Managers in the future

The Simple HR Guide is the comprehensive HR Guide for the HR Professionals and the people, who want to be informed about the latest development in Human Resources function.

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