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Best Job Resume Template

The best job resume template is a favorite topic of the books about job resume writing. You can choose from tons of templates or you can use the template for job resumes available in Microsoft Word, but the best working job resume structure is following the expected market practice in job resume writing.

Many years of the business job resume writing created the standardized template for the job resume as the HR Recruiters made their lives easier. The HR Recruiters set the standardized job resume template, as they are the final user of the job resume. Or at least, they are the most important user as they decide about going on with the job resume.

The job resume template should not be creative and it has to follow the expected standard. Sure, it depends on the business sector and the target company, if the job resume should not be more creative.

The advertising agency expects, the delivered job resume are not in the common Microsoft Word job resume template, but the job resume is creative as the personality can be shown fully in its creativeness. But the consulting company expects the job applicant to send a job resume in a standardized form summarizing the experience and pointing the most important moments and projects finished during the previous experience.

The HR Recruiter sees hundreds of job resumes every day; the job resume template is not that important, the content of the job resume and the clear statement about the goal and the proposal for the action are more important. The HR Recruiter makes a visual check in the beginning and the standardized job resume template has a huge advantage, as the HR Recruiter knows clearly, where to look at a page.

The job resume should be clear, leaving enough space to write the text and allowing the HR Recruiter to write the short notes during the job interview.