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Best Resume Format

The best resume format is the standardized job resume format, which is expected by the HR Recruiters. The creativity is not welcome in most companies as you could be evaluated as a strange job candidate. The resume format has to follow the mind and work habits of the HR Recruiters.

The job resume format is extremely important for your success. As the HR Recruiter needs to find the important information almost immediately, you have to help him as much as possible.

The job resume standard, which should be followed, is described below. Do no try to be too creative as the HR Recruiter will not like your creativity.

Be careful, the job resume format is not driving the content of your job resume, you have to go through the job resume writing process and when you are done, you can start to format your job resume to make it more attractive. But never go from the layout of the job resume to its content.

The best format of the job resume:

  • Job Resume Objective - Each job applicant has the objective. It is your objective, not the objective of the job resume (this is quite common mistake). When you are not able to formulate the job resume objective, it is better not to mention anything. Otherwise, the objective will be definitely making no sense in the relation to the rest of the job resume.
  • Career Highlights – experienced professionals should always offer a brief summary of skills, competencies and main achievements. You should always spend some time to find the right relevancy to the job position you are hunting for. When you are a fresh graduate, do not post any career highlights as the section would too general.
  • Previous work experience – list your previous experience and start with your last or current employers. Do not forget to list your main responsibilities and your main goals and achievements. Do not try to hide any hole in your previous experience as the HR Recruiter can ask for the background check and the hole will be discovered quickly and you will be rejected.
  • Education – it is pretty simple part of the job resume, just post the highlights about your studies and the results you achieved.
  • Skills – do not forget to list your skills and competencies, which can act as the advantages for you. It can be the most important aspect for taking the decision about the winner of the recruitment search.