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Do you know your key groups of employees?

The organization has to know its key groups employees as it can clearly focus the investments to the right groups of employees. The organization has to grow its talents, but it has to protect its know-how as well. Not all the employees have the unique know-how or abilities to become the future of the organization and the top management has to know, on what employees it has to focus.

The key groups of employees are usually about the top talents and the key employees. The top talents are usually the employees with the best managerial potential and the skills to become the successful managers and the key employees know the key know-how in their heads.

Many organizations push their key employees to put their know-how on the paper, but this approach does not work. The organization has to provide the key employees with the basic level of the job security and they are able to learn other employees their know how, when they are motivated to do so.

The key employees are extremely dangerous for the organization. When they are not satisfied, they can stop using their know how to develop the organization and it can loose its position against the competitors. The management has to take care of the key employees and they usually do so. Human Resources has to be extremely careful, when it decides to stop the program, which includes the key employees as it can slowdown the processes inside the organization. The top management can become nervous easily.

The top talents are less important today. But they can be extremely important tomorrow, when the organization needs to fill the management vacancy. The top talents understand the corporate culture and they are aligned with the basic principles of the corporate culture. But on the other hand, they are still able to bring the need for the change in the organization.

The top talents are usually the rebelling employees, who want to be attacked by the top management and they want to be visible. They do not need many investment, they want their own visibility in the organization, as they clearly understand the promotions game rules. They understand, just few of them will be really promoted, but they play the game hard.

HR has to build strong programs for the key employees and the top talents as the cost of the programs can be low, but the advantage in the market competition can be huge. The employees in the programs spread the good name of the organization and they work on its success every single day, when they feel satisfied.