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Employees, Managers and Human Resources

Human Resources has to be extremely careful, when it wants to intervene in the relationship between the managers and employees. The managers always blame Human Resources for not being interested in their employees, but when Human Resources start to intervene, they quickly change their mind. Usually.

The employees should never directly contact Human Resources; they should use their manager as the communication channel towards HR department. Human Resources should set the proper communication principles as the employees understand; they should contact their direct manager. Human Resources cannot act as the employee advocate for all the employees. The employees have to understand, they have to stand in the front of the manager and they have speak honestly about the issue.

The managers have to understand the role of Human Resources in the employee relationship management and they have to understand, the HR Professional can ask difficult questions, when the employee asks for the help. The employees have to have the right to ask Human Resources to help to solve the issue.

Human Resources cannot act as the regular communication channel for the employees. The managers are the clients of Human Resources, the manager should manage the employees and they should not receive the information from Human Resources, when this is not approved before the information is sent.

Human Resources is in the delicate position. It has to find the right balance between its relationship with the management and the relationship with the employees. Both parts have to see Human Resources as a valuable partner for the discussion and they have to trust in the confidentiality of the partner.