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Enough contacts to start the recruitment agency

The recruitment agency is based on the number of clients it serves and the quality of provided services to its clients and the job applicants. It is pretty simple, but the numbers of the clients have to be enormous to keep the recruitment agency growing.

Before you start to set up the recruitment agency, you have to count the number of the fellow HR Professional, whom you can count as the first clients to spread the rumors about the high quality of services on the market. Not just the markets of the HR Professionals, but you have to spread the rumors also among the job applicant to attract them to visit your job openings.

You have to carefully count the contacts and have a serious speech with them to find out the number of the job vacancies, they usually have. You have to be extremely specific in asking as you cannot provide the recruitment in all the functions in the beginning, you have to choose the function, which will be your primary function and you will be recognized expert on the job market in this field.

The recruitment agency needs job vacancies as it can make the business. The number is quite high as the recruitment agency can grow and it can pay the services, which are needed. The recruitment agency has to pay for the premises, it has to pay for the web presentation and it has to pay the costs of the good job applicant logistics application, which is not for free.

Sure, the business can be done with the paper and pencils, but you cannot promise any quality delivered to your clients. Or you have to limit your growth as you spend most of your time on the logistics issues.

The recruitment agency cannot afford to work for several and few clients, as they are not able to pay all the costs of the recruitment agency. The target group of the clients have to be quite large to deliver a high and constant number of the job vacancies.