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Headhunting or Recruitment Agency

The recruitment agency has to decide about the seniority of the job positions, on which it will be focused. The recruitment agency has to select the way it works and finds the job candidates on the job market. The difference is huge and it needs a completely different set of employees and different jobs to be done in the recruitment agency.

The decision has to be made before the recruitment agency starts to offer its services as the marketing, sales and operation of the company has to be different. Many people think, they can do both approaches, but they are different and the founders are not able to keep a sharp focus of the recruitment agency to meet the business goals.

Recruitment Agency

The recruitment agency is focused on the large client base and it has to keep a strong flow of the vacant job positions, which can be posted. The recruitment agency fights for the quickest time to fill the job positions with other recruitment agencies and the company itself.

The recruitment agency is paid for the success and just for the success. It has to set the processes to quickly process enough job applicants to select the best candidates who have the chance to be accepted by the client. That is the whole process. The recruitment agency does not focus on the deep research of the job market.

The recruitment agency has to connect to as many recruitment channels as possible as it can attract many job candidates immediately after publishing a new job vacancy, as it can be quicker than the competitors.

The recruitment agency does not work with the candidates in the database too often. It has no time to contact the previous job candidates, as it can be a pure waste of time.

Headhunting Agency

The headhunting agency does not have a large client base. It works on the basis of the confidence and secrecy with its clients. It does not disclose the name of the client, when it is not needed. The headhunting agency selects the job candidates through various recruitment channels and it presents the best candidates to the client, which makes the final choice.

The headhunter has time given to present the candidates and the headhunter is usually paid in several payments (from two to three usually) as the agency knows, the effort is valued by the client.

Being the headhunting agency looks attractive, but the agency has to have the clients, who trust to the relationship with the agency and building the trust between the agency and client takes some time.