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How does HR Recruiter work with the job resume?

The successful job resume is the job resume, which is attractive to the HR Recruiter and makes the HR Recruiter to invite your for the job interview. The job resume can be nice and original, but when you have no invitation for a job interview, the job resume simply does not work.

The HR Recruiter has no chance to read all the job resumes received in a detail. You have to imagine yourself in the seat of the HR Recruiter. How would you job look like? It is not that easy to imagine that, but… The HR Recruiter has usually many job vacancies open at one time.

The HR Recruiter posts the job openings on the corporate website and uses other web job boards to advertise the vacancy. The HR Recruiter can receive hundreds of job resumes for a single vacancy. It is a huge amount of job resumes and many of them are extremely similar. Your job resume has to be unique.

The HR Recruiter has to conduct job interviews and he has to handle all the job resumes to flow smoothly through the organization. The time to read your job resume is extremely limited.

You have to find a way, how to make your job resume so interesting to see, that the HR Recruiter decides immediately to invite you for a job interview. When your job resume is put on the pile “to be processed later”, it is lost, as it is not processed. It goes to the trash.

The HR Recruiter sees the important words in the job resume and the HR Recruiter expects some standardized structure of the job resume. It means, when you give the unique and interesting layout to your job resume, you can increase the attraction of the HR Recruiter. But you have to keep the structure of the job resume, as the HR Recruiter has no time to make a deep reading of the job resume. When the HR Recruiter is lost, you are lost and you have no invitation to the job interview.

The HR Recruiter expects the job resume to be a short summary of the main career milestones and a brief summary of the skills and competencies as he or she can make a quick decision. Please, allow this to the HR Recruiter with you resume.