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HR and De-motivation of the Team

The managers always explain the de-motivated team by the HR Policies and by the inflexible decisions made by Human Resources. It is not true, the de-motivation is not usually present in the whole organization, but it is usually localized in one team in the organization.

The top management has to be informed about the employee satisfaction level in the organization and it has to be carefully informed about the dangerous spots in the organization. The de-motivation is dangerous as it can spread quickly through the organization, when the employees see no action from the top management.

The management has to be consistent the war against the de-motivation in the organization. HR should be responsible for researching the dangerous spots in the organization as HR has access to data about employees, the fluctuation in the organization and it can easily compare the data across the organization.

HR has to learn to ask leaving employees about their real reasons for leaving the organization. HR has to ask really specific and concrete questions as the answers can be analyzed and the top management can make a decision based on the analysis and recommendation from Human Resources.

The motivation is extremely important for the success of the organization and the de-motivation spots in the organization cannot be left without the action from the top management. When the top management is passive in the motivation area, the organization can die.