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HR and Employee Feedback

Human Resources shares the responsibility for the employee satisfaction as it designs and develops the tools to increase and maintain the employee satisfaction level in the organization. Human Resources is responsible for conducting the regular checks of the employee satisfaction and about the employee emotions as it can predict the trend in the employee satisfaction before the regular employee satisfaction survey is done.

Human Resources has to develop the tools to get the immediate feedback of employees on different HR initiatives in the organization. The top management can ask about the regular feedback from the employees and when Human Resources has no evidence, the top management tends to trust to other managers about the performance of Human Resources. This is extremely dangerous for Human Resources as the HR managers can become the victims of any change in the organization.

Human Resources has to find a way how to quickly research the current status of employees and their emotions as HR has to be quicker than the managers. The managers always inform the top management about the potential issues in their teams and Human Resources has to be the first department in the organization to inform the top management about the emotions of the individual employees and the difference in emotions in different teams.

HR should co-operate with the top management to provide the independent information about the employee emotions to the top management. The top management usually appreciates the information about the level of the employee satisfaction, as it is the important aspect in the difficult managerial decisions affecting the whole organization.

Human Resources should develop enough HR tools to find the immediate status of the organization, as the managers are not the only source of the information about the employee satisfaction. When the managers inform about the satisfaction, they do not inform about the satisfaction, they inform about the dissatisfaction.