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HR and Employee Monitoring

Human Resources is not just a function to bring fun to the organization. Human Resources sets the standards expected from managers and employees. They do not like it, but Human Resources has to monitor the performance of employees, as HR is co-responsible for the increasing productivity of the organization. You can believe it or not.

Human Resources is responsible for setting the employee monitoring policy in the organization as the managers and employees know the limits of their monitoring. The employees should always know, they can be monitored and the organization has the right to focus on specific employees when in doubts of the proper usage of the working time.

Human Resources has to set the monitoring policy as it is responsible for the compliance of the monitoring policy with the law. Each country sets its own rules for the monitoring of employees and the monitoring policy can be extremely difficult to implement. The employees can complain about the existence of the employee monitoring policy and the organization has to be extremely sure about the compliance.

The monitoring policy has to be straightforward, as the managers understand their own managerial responsibility and the responsibility of Human Resources. The employees have to understand, what kind of the behavior can be monitored and what is the appeal procedure in case of any action.

The employee monitoring policy is not a simple issue and the policy has to be prepared in a close co-operation with the legal department and the simple training has to be prepared for managers and employees as all the parties explain the policy the same way. The common understanding is essential, when Human Resources speak about the employee-monitoring program.