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HR and Employees

The managers always think, they do not have to take care about their employees as HR should bring the solution and HR should do the job. It is not true, the employees always want to be served by the manager and it is the first point of contacts to solve their personal issue.

The employees cannot be fully served just by Human Resources, the managers have to act as the advocates of Human Resources in the front of employees. The manager has to be able to solve the basic and most common HR issues on his or her own. The difficult issues should be passed to HR.

The employees have the right to ask Human Resources to provide the help to them, but they should always try to solve the issue themselves. The HR plays the role of the employee advocate in the organization, but it does not mean, the HR will solve every single problem.

The HR has to communicate clearly the HR Policies to employees, which can affect their professional life in the organization. The employees have the right to know, what they can ask and they should understand clearly to all the policies, they have to follow in the HR area.

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