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HR and Managerial Feedback

HR has its role in setting the performance oriented corporate culture, which is driven by the managers, who want to reach the planned goals as they are recognized by the rest of the organization as successful leaders of their teams. A honest feedback from Human Resources can act extremely important role in this effort.

The feedback is extremely important for setting, measuring and evaluating the performance of the organization. Just by asking for the feedback, the manager can know, what is expected from the unit to set the right goals to employees. The manager has to ask for a honest feedback, when the feedback comes on its own, it is usually too late.

The feedback is always a softer part of the management style and it should be developed and spread by Human Resources. HR should act as the role player and it should ask for the customer feedback regularly and it should adjust its processes according the voice of the customers.

The HR has to evolve the culture of the voice of the customer as the managers take it as the part of their managerial duties. They have to be informed about the opinion of their internal customers and they should be able to provide with the feedback their providers of services.

HR has to make the promotion of the feedback a part of a daily job as the organization can see a positive picture.