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HR and Team Building

Human Resources plays the important role in setting the corporate culture and it plays the important role in setting the formal and informal relationships between the managers and employees. In many organizations Human Resources has a quite large entertainment budget, which is not used for Human Resources, but it is used for the informal activities helping to strengthen the corporate culture. HR plays the important role in the team building.

The team building is extremely important for the efficient organization. The informal relationships among the managers speed up the processes without any efficiency projects, as the managers tend to trust each other, when they know each other. The information spread and the managers tend to co-operate. As they want to help the friend, they do not tend to help to another department in the organization.

HR tends to include some learning activity to the team building, but it should be a real team building for the managers. They should know each other and the important interconnections across the organization should be built. Sure, the bill for the alcohol is huge, but HR should pay the prize for building the relationships, which can save the organization in the future.

HR has to understand its role in the teambuilding and it should support building the informal relationships. It is almost impossible to calculate the benefits for the organization, but it increases the general recognition of Human Resources as the managers remember the activities.