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HR Business Partnering Concept

Human Resources is not just a support function, it has to build a regular HR Business Partnering concept as it seen by the managers as the valuable partner for the business. The HR Business Partnering is about the understanding the business of the partner and helping to decide issues in the people management area.

The HR Business Partnering is about changing the focus of Human Resources. The people in Human Resources cannot be focused on solving the issues of managers and employees of the organization and they have to focus on delivering the value added to the business leaders and they have to focus on building new quality relationships across the organization.

The real business partnership is based on the common trust and it is extremely difficult to build a position of the business partner for Human Resources. The HR Manager can speak about the business partnering HR Model, but he has to be accepted as a partner in a discussion.

The HR Business Partnering model is about setting the HR Strategy and customizing it to the needs of the individual business partners, but within set boundaries. The business partnering is about the proactive approach of both partners, it is not about the requests of the business leader and potential solutions finding from Human Resources. They both have to work on elaborating the best suitable solution and it has to be a result of the work of both partners.

The HR has to be proactive in setting the business-partnering model. It is easy to say “I will be your business partner.” and it is extremely hard to say, “I really know, I am your business partner.” HR has to fight for its position as the department valuable to listen to. It is not built from a day to day, it takes months and years to implement the concept.

The HR Department has to change itself to be seen as the partner. The HR Business Partners have to be hired and they are usually the people with no previous experience in Human Resources. They have to learn the basics of Human Resources and they have to learn the details about their partners. They have to demonstrate their skills of the area of expertise of the client as they are accepted as partners in discussions.

Each HR Director has to think about the benefits of the HR Business Partnering model for the organization. Many organizations do not need such a concept and the HR Director should recognize it.