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HR Communication with Employees

Human Resources loves the communication with the employees as it can shake the whole organization easily. The internal communication looks easy, but Human Resources has to co-operate with the managers and they have to feel happy, when HR communicates directly with the employees. It is extremely easy to make the employees happy, but the managers can feel bad about the communication sent by Human Resources.

Human Resources has to set the right limits for the direct communication with the employees and the management. The Human Resources can announce the news in the benefits area, but Human Resources cannot publish information, which can affect negatively the individual employees.

Human Resources can communicate positive messages affecting all employees in the organization. No one can feel hurt by the message as the manager is not able to provide the immediate explanation. The messages, which can affect the employees negatively, have to be communicated directly by the management. The management can manage the emotions of the team members and they can stops rumors, when they are asked to do so.

Human Resources cannot afford to lose the close relationship with the management. The HR Professionals can communicate issues, but they have to feel the real back up from the management. The managers cannot stand in the front of their teams with no answers or showing they have no power to influence the final decision.

The employees cannot expect Human Resources to communicate too often with them. The employees have to trust to their managers, they will bring the information, which are important for their life in the organization.