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HR Individual Approach

HR has many customers to serve. It is a big problem, when the managers expect Human Resources to deal with the individual employee of the organization. The small organization can make it, the large organizations have no chance to reach this dream of managers.

The managers want to reach the status, when HR takes care about the individual employees as they do not have to. In reality, Human Resources sets the standards and it says, the managers are also the people managers, which makes the managers to deal with the personal issues of their employees.

Human Resources has always clearly set the rules of the games as the managers cannot complain about not solving the individual issues of their team members. The managers tend to call Human Resources responsible, when they do not want to solve the issues of their employees, but the message from Human Resources has to clear and honest. The manager has to do his or her job. Or they should leave the organization and Human Resources can find a new manager, who will take care of the team.

On the other hand, the employees do not expect Human Resources to solve their issues. They expect Human Resources to be involved in difficult issues like the disciplinary activities, the performance appraisals and life situations, when the manager cannot make a decision on his or her own.

The HR has no chance to solve every single individual issue of employees, it has to set the expected standards and expected results and it can be involved in special cases, when the organization is expected to have the unique approach. Human Resources cannot speak with each employee, as there is a healthy ration between the numbers of employees per the employee of Human Resources.

Human Resources has to lead the managers to speak with their subordinates and how to identify their personal issues. The manager should speak with the staff each morning to recognize the emotions in the team and he or she should provoke the discussions about improving the performance in the team just by allowing to solve the personal issues.