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HR is my support

Many managers believe, HR is their support unit and they act, as HR has to fulfill each request, they send over the counter. Not true, not true. Human Resources is a business support function, but its role is much wider than just turning every manager’s dream into a reality.

HR has to build its position in the organization, as the managers understand clearly, what they can demand and what is completely unacceptable for the HR employees to touch.

Many managers understand the agenda of Human Resources better than the employees inside the department. The managers do not understand, why the HR people are so bureaucratic and they find it out, when the HR employees help to solve a dramatic issue at the workplace, when all the papers are necessary and really welcome by the manager.

The HR Manager has to clearly communicate to the manager, what is in the scope of the mutual partnership and what is out of scope. The manager can express the opinion about the processes, which are out of the scope, but Human Resources does not have to act based the feedback.

The manager has to understand, there are several layers of the internal clients of Human Resources and the manager has to be in the right level to solve the issue. Human Resources keeps the organization healthy and for the overall healthiness the top management is the ultimate internal client and the rest of the management team has to respect it.

HR has to build a relationship with the managers and it has to help to solve the issues, but when the manager touch the topic, which is not on the right level, it has to be returned back.

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