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HR is not a support function

Many HR Managers describe Human Resources as the support function for the organization. Generally, Human Resources has to provide the support to managers and employees, but the role of Human Resources is much wider than just supporting the managers.

Human Resources has to act the proactive role in the organization as it is partially responsible for the corporate culture and the performance management in the organization. HR does prepare its HR Strategy and the managers are forced by the top management to follow such a strategy in the area of the people management.

Human Resources is a function to bring the unified and simple approach toward employees accross the whole organization. The managers tend to manage employees intuitively, Human Resources is responsible for the systematic approach in the area of the people management.

Human Resources are a close friend of the Finance Department. They protect the shareholders in the organization. The managers ask for the resources to reach the defined targets, HR is place to decide about the priorities and the top management should be always adviced by the HR Professionals.

The HR Professionals have to listen to managers and they should use the feedback to improve the services, but HR should also provide the honest feedback to managers as they can improve in their people management skills.

The HR Employees have to be the observers and they should spread the best practice accross the organization. They should regurarly evaluate the management style of managers, the results delivered and they should collect the working best practices internally.

Human Resources has to monitor the external market as the best practice can be easily implemented in the organization with ease in many cases. HR should not look into its internal HR Rules and HR Policies, but it should look for the inspiration in the external world.

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