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HR, Managers and Salaries

The managers protect their employees and they want them to feel comfortably as it does not make any push on their managerial skills. They do not have to worry about employees as their salaries are excellent and they feel no urgent need to leave the organization. That is the way the manager thinks about salaries. He is not interested in the overall compensation policy, the costs of the organization as Human Resources is responsible for this part.

Human Resources sees the salaries as the part of the complex compensation strategy and the compensation policy. HR protects the shareholders and the top management against the requests of the managers as the salaries are always too low to stop the fluctuation. The top management does not speak about the support to HR loudly, but they generally accept the recommendation from Human Resources about the salary levels in the organization, as they want to keep the personnel expenses costs under the control.

Human Resources has always protect the general compensation policy of the organization and it has to apply the sense for the business in the decisions. The managers can ask for the exceptional salary increase for the particular employee, but Human Resources has to sit in a driving seat to make a final decision.

Human Resources should communicate with managers regularly about the changes in the compensation policy as they can plan the salary increase steps with the best players in teams. The HR Professional has to push the manager to identify, who is the best talent in the group and who is eligible for the pay rise. Human Resources has to focus just on key employees and high potentials as the salary increase in these two groups of employees can bring the biggest benefit for the organization.

The salaries are extremely sensitive topic for the managers and the argumentation of Human Resources has to be precise as the managers can feel trust in the explanation, why the salary cannot be raised.