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HR Project Summary – April 2011

April 2011 was a successful month. It was another month with the double digit growth in line. The overall goal of 1 000 unique visitors per day at the end of the year looks reachable. Probably, it can be slightly overbeaten (when things go right). I have to focus on adding the attractive HR content as I can keep the double digit growth for the following months.

Unique visitors and Pageviews

April 2011 was affected by the Easter season. The growth of the traffic was dramatic, but the slowdown during the Easter season was enormous.

On the other hand, more keywords are producing the traffic to the website, and more keywords start to rank at Page Nr. 1 in Google. Even the highly competitive keywords like recruitment start to show in the search results to the users.

I try to add 10 to 20 unique pages per month to develop Simple HR Management Guide, and it brings results. The traffic grows.

HR Project DevelopmentQuite surprisingly, the page views are growing quicker than the unique visitors. Number of pages per visit grows, and it is a satisfying result.

Social Media Strategy

I have to focus on my social media strategy. I started to use Twitter and Facebook as my social media. But I have no clear vision about the proper usage.

Twitter seems more promising so far. Facebook page has several friends, but it is stagnating.

The social media strategy will define my approach and messages to be sent to the audience as they are attractive.

Finally, I think about another redesign of the site, but it is a goal for the summer.