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HR Protecting Employees

Human Resources has two main clients in the organization. It serves and offers its products and services to managers and it offers services and the protection to employees. Many times, Human Resources has to speak in the name of employees. It is not about being the trade unions, but it is about protecting the employees, when the major change in the organization occurs.

The employees are a different group to manage and to find out its main interests. Many managers believe, the employees have to make all the tasks given to them. But Human Resources has to intervene into such a relationship and it has to set the expected standards.

The managers have to accept the HR Standards in Employee Relationships as the employees can feel the equal approach of managers towards them. The employees feel the different approach of different managers and it can cause huge de-motivation in the whole organization as the employees do not trust in the corporate values as they see different interpretation over the organization.

The employees trust in the same approach of the manager across the whole organization and they expect the top management to set the right rules for the people management in the organization. The top management delegates this heavy task usually to Human Resources and empowers the employees of HR to push the managers to keep the same approach.

The employees have the right to ask Human Resources for help, when they have the feeling of the inconsistent approach. Human Resources has to intervene immediately as the employees feel the trust in Human Resources. The HR Professionals have to play the role of the protector of the organization and the protector of employees. The HR Professional has to explain the HR Standards to employees and to show, what approach is the right one and the HR Professional has to agree with the manager on the corrective plan.

The protection of employees is not about making impossible to manage employees, but it is mainly about setting the HR Standards, which are socially responsible and protecting the organization from the decreasing productivity of employees. As de-motivated employees do not focus on the job, they focus on solving their personal issues in the organization.