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HR pushing managers to make tough decisions

Human Resources is not a social care department in the organization. The public sector usually provides the social care programs to all people, who are in an urgent need for the help. Human Resources is a regular part of the business, which is focused on the productivity and the net profit generated to shareholders. No word about the social care in that. The profit is the main reason for the existence of the most organizations in the world. It means, Human Resources has to push the managers to make difficult and painful decisions.

This role of Human Resources was almost forgotten as the economy was booming. But the current recession put the HR Professional in the role of pushing persons again. The top management decided about cost cutting initiatives in the organization and HR area is one of the most areas to be affected by such a decision. The managers and HR had a same goal. They had to decrease the number of employees employed in the organization without any impact on products and services offered by the organization.

Human Resources is not just about the popular HR Policies and giving benefits to employees. Human Resources has to push the managers to reach tough goals and it has to provide the necessary support in the implementation of the tough decisions.

When the organization has to downsize the number of employees, it is primary role of Human Resources to identify the socially responsible way of the implementation and it has to consult with the managers the impact on different units in the organization as the downsizing can be done socially responsibly, when the management invests time into designing the right approach.

But Human Resources has to keep the tough decision of the top management and it has to help the find the best solution for the implementation, it cannot look for the excuse of the middle management against the top management.