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Inspiring Human Resources

Human Resources gives the HR policies to the organization, it unifies the approach of managers to human capital management, develops the staff as the organization can win the battles on the market and … Human Resources has to exchange the HR Best Practice in the organization among managers and it has to bring the HR Best Practice from the market. It has to inspire the managers in their work with their subordinates.

HR should never forget about its role in inspiring the manager with the HR Best Practice collected. Human Resources is the function, which operates in the whole organization and the managers tend to speak about their issues and their successful solutions. As they want to be seen as successful managers and they know, HR is always important, when there is time for the promotion.

Human Resources has to listen to managers and it should make general conclusions and general recommendations to the managers, which can be extremely useful, when the particular manager faces a difficult managerial position and the decision is needed.

Human Resources is the function to help managers to manage their employees. Human Resources has to listen to the manager and it has to evaluate the different options for the managerial decision and its impact on the department and employees in the department. HR should always provide its feedback and it should be able to bring the similar situations on the table and the successful decisions from the past. Human Resources is always built on the past of the organization as the past decisions form and live in the corporate culture. Human Resources should make the recommendations aligned with the existing corporate culture, when there is no need for an urgent change of the existing corporate culture.

Human Resources has to spent a large portion of the day in the discussions with the managers, just listening to their ideas and plans and it should regularly return back to provide an immediate feedback to the ideas and it should help the manager to precise the managerial decision. It is not a decision of Human Resources, but it can have a huge impact on Human Resources, when the decision is not right.