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Internal and External Recruitment

The recruitment process has the significant influence on the motivation of employees, efficiency of the organization and overall employee satisfaction. The organization has to take advantage of the internal recruitment, and it has to utilize the power of the external recruitment to bring new talents and enrich the internal environment in the organization.

It is always difficult to compare the internal and external recruitment. The organization has to promote the job vacancies internally as it utilizes skills and competencies available in-house. On the other hand, the external recruitment brings new talents and helps to make the organization stronger and more competitive than the existing employees.

Internal Recruitment

The internal recruitment process is the passive career management tool. The organization does not select employees for the promotion. They can apply for the job vacancy, and they can enrich or change their career path. The internal recruitment brings the internal fairness and allows to employees to prolong their career in the organization.

On the other hand, the internal recruitment brings conflicts. Managers do not support quick changes and best employees can disappear from the team quickly. Most organizations apply the restrictive rules to the internal recruitment as the organization enjoys the basic level of security.

The internal recruitment is the cheapest recruitment source. It does not require any specific care, and it works quite automatically. HR usually has a clear goal of the ratio of the internal vs. external recruitment. The high-performing organizations are able to fill 30% of specialized job vacancies internally. The more complex the job vacancy is the higher chance of filling the vacancy internally is.

External Recruitment

The external recruitment enriches the organization. The company cannot exist without the external recruitment. Each organization has the attrition, fluctuation and turnover. The external recruitment brings the new potential.

The external recruitment is about the management of the recruitment sources and making the channels efficient. The external recruitment has to be balanced with the internal recruitment as employees feel the opportunity to grow.

The external recruitment is a key recruitment process in the stage of the rapid growth of the organization. HR is asked to deliver enough suitable job candidates quickly and in a high quantity. The external recruitment is the basic HR tool to create the ability of the organization to react on the changes in the external environment quickly.

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