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Internal Employer Branding

The company has to be unique today as it attracts enough attention of talents on the job market. Job candidates do not tend to send job resumes to unknown organizations. The employer branding helps to attract external job candidates, but it has to be focused internally, as well. The internal employer branding spreads the calm and positive vibes through the entire organization. The employees feel proud of the employer, and they are not worried to speak about initiatives with friends and former colleagues.

The internal employer branding is closely connected with the corporate culture. The employer branding has to be supported by the culture. It can enhance the culture. It cannot be against the corporate culture. It is extremely valuable as employees see any misalignment of branding and culture.

The internal branding should be designed in a close relationship with employees. They should choose the initiatives, which will improve the climate in the organization. They should be involved in projects. They should manage projects, and they should present results to colleagues. The employees are proud to improve the environment in the company. They like to run projects, which aim to help to the community. Many companies have volunteers helping people in need. They can focus on many issues surrounding us.

The internal employer branding is about the employee engagement. The employee engagement is the effort to influence employees as they deliver more than expected. The employer needs the creative mind of employees. Employees can fulfill their task, but the organization needs more. The innovative organization utilizes the small extras delivered by employees. It can provoke employees to bring ideas, and it has the ability to collect them. It has the ability to choose proposals for the improvement.

The internal employer branding helps to build the internal relationship of employees with the corporate culture. The corporate culture is not just announced; it is supported by the community activities of the organization. The company invests into several projects, which are not made for the profit. The projects are run to make a better place to live. Employees are more than welcome to volunteer. The company offers its resources and the financial support.

The internal employer branding helps to promote the name of the organization on the job market. The job candidates notice the presence of the company in the community. They start to build the positive relationship with the organization. The employees are proud to work for the company, which is actively participating in the community life. It is the main purpose of the internal branding.

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