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Job Interview

When you are invited to the job interview, your chance to get a new job raises. The job interview is not for everyone, it is for selected job applicants, who are suitable for the job vacancy, and the company needs to test their alignment with the corporate culture and the organization needs to check the details of the professional skills and competencies.

The job interview is about testing the emotions and to put the job applicant into the stressful situations to observe the answers and real reactions. The job interview is not much about testing the previous experience as the HR Recruiter can read it from the job resume, but about the testing the compability of the job applicant’s personality with the expectations of the company.

The job interview has the order and the HR Recruiter usually does not speak too much. The HR Recruiter has a goal to find out the important aspects and to confirm the expectations he or she has. When you know you, you know your job resume and you know the expectations from the job positions, you can make a good judge about the job interview you are going to.


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