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Job Resume for Fresh Graduates

As a fresh graduate you have a real issue writing your first job resume, which should get you a first real employment in your life. Today, the fresh university graduates are not welcome in the companies and the programs for the fresh university graduates are extremely limited as the cost-benefit ratio is not good at most programs. The fresh university graduate has the issue with the content of the job resume as the previous experience is limited and it is not relevant to the desired job position usually.

The fresh graduate has to write about the job experience, which is not relevant, but it should not be the real content of the job resume. The fresh graduate has to point out the things learned during the studies and the previous job experience. As a fresh graduate, you can think, it is not important for the investment bank, you are targeting, but be sure, they like, what you learned. It is extremely important for them; you are able to select the most important lessons learned for you from the short job experience you have. Many people are not able to give themselves an honest feedback and to make a summary of the things, they learned.

The job resume of the fresh graduate should be focused on the skills and competencies area, which can be demonstrated on the examples from the real life. Each fresh graduate had to go through several projects, which are a great lesson to take the feedback from. When you are able to select the lessons learned for your job resume, you are demonstrating your ability to learn. This is the most important fact for the new employer, as you have to learn many new things and procedures to become a productive member of the team.

The fresh graduate writing the job resume has to collect the information about all projects and all activities, he or she has to analyze all the roles played during the activities and the clear link between the roles and the personality has to be build. The overall picture has to be consistent and the employers will like it.