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Key HR Management Goals and Objectives

The organization needs skilled and competent employees to reach its business goals. The modern organization needs a competitive business strategy and it needs skilled and competent managers and employees. The role of the HR Management is in designing, developing and implementing tools for the proper management of the human capital in the organization. The HR Management exists to ensure that proper HR policies and HR practices exists. The HR Management is responsible for the HR related processes, which lead to competitive and efficient work with the human capital in the organization. This is the key HR Management goal and objective.

The Goal of HR Management is usually simplified as “right people at right places”. The “at right time” should be added as well. This simplified goal represents the complex system of HR processes, which have to be aligned to allow the skilled work with employees and managers in the organization.

HR Management Goals

The HR Management consists of several areas and the key goals are defined for each of them:

  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Human Capital Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Performance Management
  • Compensation Management
  • Employee Relations

The organizational effectiveness is crucial for the modern organization. It competes on the market and the most efficient organization is the winner. It does not have to offer the best products and services, but it generates the highest profits from its operation. The organizational effectiveness is a difficult HR Management Goal. HR is responsible for setting the efficient job design processes and it has to recommend the organizational design structures.

The knowledge management and the compensation management is crucial for keeping the competitive advantage of the organization. The knowledge of employees is the unique competitive advantage and it has to be properly protected by the organization. The compensation management is about setting the transparent and fair compensation structures for employees. The   know how of the organization has to be protected and developed. The compensation management is a part of the basic protection against competitors on the market.

The performance management is a great HR tool for the productivity improvement and keeping the required performance standards. Each modern organization needs a working performance management system, which keeps the required performance levels and performance standards. The performance management has to gain a real focus in the HR Management. The managers have to be skilled and trained in the performance appraisals. They are the key to keeping the performance management working in the organization.

The employee relations is an important part of the HR Management. HR is not just about the efficient organization. It is about the relationship of managers and employees. The HR is the employee advocate and the role of employee relations is extremely important. The employees are not productive, if they feel no comfort in the organization. The employee relations help to build the positive climate in the organization.

The HR Management is a crucial for the successful modern organization. It contributes to the success of the organization. Read more about the specific goals of the HR Management.