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My HR Project Summary – March 2011

March was a happy month for Simple HR Management Guide. The growth in the number of visitors was enormous. The growth of page views was even higher. I did not expect the site to grow so quick. I was afraid that people are not interested in Human Resources Management. Now, I see, they are interested in finding information about HR Management.


Simple HR Guide attracted more than 6 000 unique visitors in March. It is a nice growth of 30% in a single month. As the growth is made from a low basis, it is not that hard to reach the double-digit growth. However, it is promising for the future.

HR Visitors - March 2011The Google search was the main source of the incoming visitors. The website has more than 60 000 impressions in searches on Google. It is a growth of more than 50% in a single month.

Page Views

The growth in page views was even more impressive. I changed the navigation and layout of the website and it brought the immediate results. The number of pageviews rose by 50% in a single month.

HR Visitors Growth - weekly detailFacebook and Twitter as sources of the traffic

I added the Twitter and Facebook badges to the website. The results are not that impressive in the first month. I will have to investigate more the possibilities of making the social media the major source of visitors for HR related website.

I designed the Facebook page for Simple HR Management Guide and I have 15 friends during the first two weeks. I need to add at least 10 more in April as I can make the fan page more personalized.

The social media are definitely important, but their impact is not visible in the first month. I will dig deeper in April traffic statistics.

Main HR Keywords driving traffic

As the recruitment and staffing section is the most complete one, it is driving the traffic of the site. The main keywords driving traffic are:

  • Recruitment strategy
  • Recruitment process
  • Recruitment jobs

The other words driving traffic are: HR Strategy, HR Structure, HR Roles and Responsibilites.

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