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Positive and Consistent Leader

The people follow the leader who demonstrates the willingness to bring a positive future. No one wants to follow the leader who promises a bad end of the whole story. We can follow the leader through extremely difficult times, when we believe we are on the right track. The leader has to shed the positivity and the messages have to be about simple positive messages, we can believe in.

The leader gives a vision to the organization, why it has to exist and what improvements it brings to our lives. The role of the leader is not set the clearly financial targets, but the leader sets the organization in several years. The leader has its vision, has its vision about the market and the vision about the products, the company sells and will sell in the future.

The leader has to make the decision influencing the future of the organization and the decisions have to be consistent with the leader’s vision. The leader cannot just make judgements, the leader has to make a real follow-up of the decisions made. Especially, when the leader makes the important decision, he has to do a follow-up to see a successful implementation of the decision.

The leader sets the basic scope for the strategic initiatives leading to the implementation of the vision. The leader cannot leave the employees and managers to implement it without the following and providing the strategic advices. The leader has to be fully consistent as the members of the organization expect the leader to make the strategic decisions during the implementation. The leader cannot leave the strategic initiatives. The leader can leave the strategic initiative, when the implementation is finished and the employees can see the positive results affecting their lives in the organization.

The leader can show, he or she hesitates. The hesitation is not a sign of fragility. It is a sign of weighting pros and cons, which is natural. The leader can easily answer the question “I do not know”. The leader cannot answer “I do not care”. The employees expect the leader to be interested in their issues and troubles. The hesitation can help as the employees see, the leader does want to understand the problem before making the advice or a decision.

The positive and consistent leader is a must as the employees will not follow the positive leader in a long run as the leader does not promise any positive in the future and the bad habits start to spread across the organization. Without the positive and consistent leader the organization will die. Sooner than later.

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