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Recruitment Agency and Recruitment Sources

The new recruitment agency has to select the recruitment sources and recruitment channels to use. The recruitment sources bring job applicants to the agency and the delivery has to be instant and quick. The Internet offers many automated recruitment solutions and they do not work usually as they are advertised.

The new recruitment agency has several options to select the recruitment source in the beginning. As the recruitment agency starts its operation and it does not have a good name on the job market, it has to work with the people, the employees know in person.

Personal Recommendations as Recruitment Source

The best recruitment source in the beginning of the recruitment agency is the personal recommendation by the friends of the employees of the agency. The employees have time to find out about the job vacancy all the details and they are able to deliver the best candidates and they can recommend the job vacancy. As most job vacancies have their hidden responsibilities, which are not told usually, but the smart recruiter can easily discover them.

Social Networking Recruitment Source

The social networks are extremely trendy recruitment source today. They are used as the semi-headhunting tool. The recruiter does not post the job vacancy on the Internet job board, but the recruiter sends the message to selected professionals in the function and usually asks for forwarding the message to friend, who could be interested in such a job opportunity.

The social networks can help to build a strong brand name of the recruitment agency or they can easily kill it, when the recruitment agency sends too many messages to the members of different communities.

The social networking needs a socially responsible approach.

Web Job Boards

The web job boards are the sites specialized in posting the job vacancies from different sources and the job applicants have a chance to send their job resume to many potential employers with the only one click.

There are just few big players on the market and several players serving the job market niches, which are not attractive for the big players in the area.

The Internet job boards look attractive to the recruitment agency, but the competition is tough and to reach the best potential needs quite a huge marketing budget in the beginning.