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Recruitment Agency Promotion

The recruitment agency has to promote its services on the job market and among the potential clients. The recruitment agency in the beginning has an extremely small marketing budget and the usage has to be smart to cover the target groups. Both important target groups of the recruitment agency.

The recruitment agency has three main target groups:

  • Potential clients
  • Current clients
  • Job Applicants

Current Clients of Recruitment Agency

The biggest mistake, the recruitment agency can make is forgetting the current clients. The recruitment agency cannot think of the current clients, they are stabilized and they will not go away. The customer care is essential for the successful cooperation and the recruitment agency has to offer the benefits to the existing clients as well.

The existing clients do not eat from the marketing budget usually. The recruitment agency can offer promotional job searches to them, which limits the cash flow, but it does not cost the real money.

The investment into the current clients helps to protect the client base of the recruitment agency as it can be used to improve the services provided. The existing client base is the best source of the feedback.

Potential Clients

The potential clients are the hardest group to be targeted. The usage of the promotion has to be smart as the HR Recruiters have many phone calls from the recruitment agencies offering their services. The new recruitment agency has to find the niche, which can be presented as the most attractive moment for the HR Recruiter. The recruitment agency can offer to takeover the part of the recruitment process to make the offer even more attractive.

The potential clients eat a lot from the marketing budget. They need a lot of the attention and many potential clients look attractive in the beginning, but they never start a useful co-operation.

The recruitment agency has to use the results of the analysis of the competitors to offer the best marketing moment to catch the potential clients. The recommendation usually works best. Not provided by the agency, but the recommendation made by the friend from a different company. But, you should not go into the referrals.

Job Applicants

The recruitment agency has to use the marketing budget to meet the job applicants on their way to find a new job opportunity. It is about a smart analysis of the target groups as you can find them at many places, not just the Internet.

The marketing budget has to be used to create the professional marketing support tool as the job applicants feel comfortable from the real beginning.