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Recruitment Roles and Responsibilities

The recruitment process is difficult, and management of the recruitment process needs a clear definition of the unique roles and responsibilities. The recruitment process has many players and employees have to understand their responsibilities and their decision possibilities.

The key success factor for the recruitment is a smooth processing of the individual job vacancies. The smooth processing clearly defined processes. The communication channels have to be set, and the mutual expectations have to be agreed and aligned.

Recruitment Roles and ResponsibilitiesKey Roles and Responsibilites in the Recruitment Process

Main players in the recruitment process are:

  • HR Recruiter
  • HR Business Partner
  • Hiring Manager
  • Job Candidate
  • Recruitment Services Provider

HR Recruiter

The HR Recruiter plays the most prominent role in the recruitment process. The HR Recruiter is responsible for the selection of the right recruitment sources (using the guidelines defined in the strategic recruitment processes), prescreens the job candidates and conducts the first round job interview.

The HR Recruiter is responsible for wording the job advert. It looks unimportant, but the text in the job advert usually decides about the application for a new job. The good HR Recruiter feels the emotions of job candidates and makes them interested to explore more about the job position offered.

The HR Recruiter is responsible for the pre-selection of the best candidates. The role of the HR Recruiter is the key one.

HR Business Partner and the Hiring Manager

The HR Business Partner and the Hiring Manager are the clients of the HR Recruiter. They are the clients, but they have their responsibilities. Their role is in a clear definition of the job vacancy and the description of the ideal profile. The ideal profile is the best candidate (skills, competencies, personality).

They have to cooperate closely with the HR Recruiter, and they have to interview the delivered job candidates promptly. It is their role and responsibility. Many companies lose the candidates as the manager has no time to interview the job candidates. It is not fair to the HR Recruiter who delivers quickly.

Job Candidate and Recruitment Services Provider

The job candidate plays the crucial role. The recruitment process is about choosing the best candidate from the available talent pool on the external or internal job market. The job candidate has to be motivated during the job interviewing process and has to provide the useful feedback to the company. On the other hand, the HR Recruiter has to keep the job candidate motivated to accept the job offer.

The recruitment agency (or any other recruitment services provider) plays the key role to determine the best candidate or to find a powerful source of job candidates on the job market. The recruitment agency has to recognize the outstanding talents, and it has to recommend such a talent to its business clients.