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Social Media in HR

The social media are the modern trend in the business development. Each company builds the community of engaged followers who act as Angels on the market. HR has to build the strong external community of supporters to promote the organization on the job market. HR has to build strong internal social networks as it can push the proposals through the organization. The social media are the imperative of the day.

HR cannot avoid using social media today. The modern organization has to create the social media strategy to involve people into the organizational life. HR has to focus on external communication. Additionally, it should focus on building powerful internal communities. Without being involved in communities, HR has no influence.

HR Communication was always important

The communication was always necessary HR tool. HR without the excellent communication can be never rated as the valued business partner. HR brings many innovations and changes to processes, and it has to communicate with its stakeholders as it has support for the proposed solution.

Each HR Manager spends large proportion of time communicating with key partners in the organization, receiving feedback and selling solutions. HR without the communication strategy is lost. The social media just add a new dimension to the HR communication.

HR Influence on Social Communities

HR success was always about the influence in the organization. HR without influence on the top management was just dreaming. The influence does not evolve just by doing fantastic and smart things. The influence is about building the strong name in the community. The valued members of the community are influencing opinions of others. The leaders respect opinions of their subordinates.

The social media just make the social communication faster. People in the organization connect themselves, and they use channels, which cannot be controlled by the company. They share their ideas on Twitter and Facebook. They can form extremely strong alliances. They can push back against any proposal. The social media are about the influence.

HR has to influence key people in the organization. HR Managers have to informally discuss potential solutions with the key members of different communities. When the informal communities are involved in the search for the best solution, they feel committed. The commitment is the most notable result of influencing others.

HR is extremely socially active function in the organization. HR affects every employee in the organization. HR has attractive topics for everyone. HR is the function, which should lead to building social communities online.

HR needs a strong and clear HR Social Media Strategy to build the influencing communities around different HR topics. Difficult issues can challenge communities and community members can propose innovative solutions. Most social media communities are constructive when challenged properly. HR has to benefit from being present in different online communities. Smart people work in Human Resources, but the community proposal can enrich the organization.

Social Media in HR Content

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