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The job resume is you

Think about it, when you go to write your new job resume. The job resume is about you, it is not a copy of the job resume guide, you can find on the Internet. The job resume represents you and you can be easily stopped at the first round job interview, when the HR Recruiter discover mismatch of your job resume and your human-being sitting in the front of you.

The job resume is a business card representing you, it is not a document, which will automatically hire you. You have to follow the recruitment process and you will have to provide the evidence about things, you wrote into your job resume. Be ready to provide that evidence.

The job resume guides offer many techniques, how to improve your job resume. You can learn many tips and tricks for the job resume from guides, but you have to think about yourself. Without any help, would you describe yourself the way you do it with the job resume guide?

You and your job resume have to be in harmony. The HR Recruiter reads your job resume before the job interview and during the job interview he or she has to find just the positive matches between your job resume and your personality. In case, there are doubts about your job resume and your personality, you are lost as the HR Recruiter will not look for explanations, they will just reject you. They will find some other job applicant, who matches exactly.

Your job resume has to be effective, which means, you get the invitation for the job interview and then you succeed in getting the job. The job resume has to represent you, it cannot represent your job resume guide. Do not forget about it, when you decide to bring the brilliant copy of the job resume described in the job resume guide.