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Transparent Human Resources

The managers always want Human Resources to be fully transparent as they know the rules of the game and the employees know, what they can expect from the organization. But HR has to be extremely cautious, when it wants to be transparent as it can bring huge tensions into the whole organization and the whole organization can be unmanageable.

The HR has always to explain the basic principles of the HR policies, but the dangerous details should always remain confidential and HR should not spread them among the organization. In some cases, even the managers should not know the details about the policies, as it can be dangerous and costly for the top management. The full transparency of Human Resources can be dangerous for the position of the top management.

The efficient organization always manages the access to the information and data. The higher in the hierarchy you are, the more information you can receive and use for your job. You are trusted by the organization to have the dangerous information. It works the same way with the information about Human Resources Management.

The HR should be transparent in the principles applied across the organization, but it should disclose the details. The employees can ask to receive more; they are currently receiving as the HR Policy allows them to receive more. But the budget of the organization cannot afford to provide a benefit to everyone. The managers are not able to explain the right reason not to provide the benefit and the war inside the organization can begin.

Human Resources should make a proper risk assessment before any information is made public and it should ask the managers about the feedback. The managers tend to ask HR to publish information. When HR provides managers with the information, they do not spread across employees. They know, it can be dangerous.

HR has to divide the information in the department into several groups and it should always protect the confidentiality of information in the organization as HR data are extremely important and dangerous.